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Many answers possible
Screenshots and artwork
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Ace Mathician is a awesome new puzzle game in which the player needs to use math to reach the
exit! The cool thing about Ace Mathician is that there are no wrong answers.

It turns math into a sandbox game!

There are many math games, so what makes this one totally different ?

The other math games donít really incorporate the math into the gameplay. Instead it splits into two
parts. One is the game, the second is the math. For example, the player walks up to a door, the game
prompts him with a math sum and he needs to answer correctly if he wants to open the door.

If the player does not know the answer he is stuck.

It also does not really make math fun. Instead itís more like a parent letting you play a videogame
AFTER you make your homework.

Ace Mathician takes a complete different approach. It letís the player create and shape with math!
There are no right or wrong answers! On top of that it helps the player visualize the math, which works
much better as a learning tool.

Suddenly math becomes as fun as drawing!

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How does the player enter the math formula ? simple! Take a look at this, the bottom screen :

At the bottom you see the math options. Click on them and they will appear in the formula. The game
knows which options are valid and which once are not. So the player doesnít need to worry about that.
For example itís impossible to enter Ďy=*/+-2í.

If the player is done with the formula he can enter it into the game world and see how it changes

Many answers possible
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Normal math games ask the player things like Ö + 3 = 5. This leads to only one possible answer,
because half of the sum is already filled in and the answer is set.

Instead we offer a equation to the player. This leads to creativity because we donít ask for an
answer but rather let the player set the first part of the equation thus creating the answer.

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The art-style is a combination between your old math homework books (grid paper) and 8bit videogames.
This blends perfectly into a amazing fresh style that also helps to visualize the math.


When the player is entering a formula, the top screen will go into Ďmathí mode. The level will fade
out a bit, to represent a graph on grid paper.


As you can see in the images above, it will show the axes on the grid (with zero being the center). It
shows a thick line that represents the math on the graph, and the red-outlining of the platforms
show the new position of the platforms (so that the player can see the changes heís making to the world).

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You play as Ace, a cute Koala who is very hungry for fruit! However, the most delicious fruit always
seems out of reach!

Ace lives in a world where things can be changed with math. Unfortunately Ace isnít good at math..
will you help her and get the fruit ?

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The goal of the game is to reach the fruit and collect stars. The more stars you collect the higher your
score will be. Itís not required to collect all the stars to finish a level. A player can also just get
the fruit. The player will always be able to go back to a level and try for a better score.

Reaching the fruit, sound simple right ? wrong! There are many hazards between the player and the fruit.
So how do we get there ?

Well, the player has 4 math options/symbols in his inventory. He can use them to form any kind of math
formula. The math formula is used to shape the world to the players advantage!


The platforms that can move in a level are marked with a thick colored outlining (either red or blue).
These are the platforms that will change position according to the math formula. The platforms that donít have a outlining will stay in their position!

For example

The player is standing in the lower left corner and needs to reach the fruit at the lower right corner.
Unfortunately thereís a big gap between them. The player has to construct a math formula to lower the block
with the red-edge around it. There are many solutions!

The above solution is the most perfect one, but these will work too :


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How difficulty will it be to solve the math ? Well, itís quite easy. Of course the later levels of the game
will make a fine challenge, however because the math options are limited to only 4 symbols. The formulaís
the player can make are limited too. This way it never becomes unplayable!

Even though the math part is simple, the later levels will feature extra things like using multiple groups
(shown in the picture above, a blue and red group of platforms) and enemies! To make the puzzles quite

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The levels are divided over a number of worlds. Each world has itís own theme and will add something
new to the game like spikes, multiple groups or enemies.Each world holds 5 levels. In each level
there are 3 stars to collect.

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Why you need to play Ace Mathician

- Awesome and fresh art style!
- Makes math fun!
- You might learn something!
- Many different ways to complete a level!
- You can take your time; good for all ages and genders to play!


The main development platform for this game is DSi-Ware, but it could also be ported to Iphone/Ipad.


We are aiming at the 200 Nintendo point price range. It would fit the game nicely, since the game
will feature around 1,5/2 hour of gameplay in a innovating and fresh way!

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The programming, game design, tools, levels and some art are all done by me (Hugo Smits).
The special pixel mastermind that worked on the sprites and animations is Danny Flexner

If you want to ask me anything or want me to do a interview with your website, please
don't hesitate to contact me at goodbyegalaxygames 'at' gmail 'dot' com

You can follow my development adventures of this game and others on :

The official Ace Mathician website is located here :

The official Goodbye Galaxy Games website is located here :

Screenshots and artwork
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The official game logo :

Screenshots :
Please note; we add new screenshots over time, so please check this page out in the future!